Happy Coverall Dress

Except for some last minutes sewing details for my sister-in-law‘s wedding next weekend, I am madly focused on my summer “reconstruction” makes. Click here for explanation. I’m sewing much faster than I’m blogging. I’ve got lots to share. Stay tuned. Reconstruction make #2 is a simple grab-n-go dress that’s nonrevealing and has pleats in all the right places. It’s a great alternative to shorts and a T-shirt.


This dress has been through the washer and dryer twice already.

The pattern I used is Simplicity 2147.  I bought it on sale at JoAnn’s for about $1. I was attracted to this pattern because of the loose fit and bodice yoke with pleats and ample chest coverage. I was not attracted to it because it says “Learn to Sew”, although that signals quick and easy – a good thing when your whipping out summer clothes. I made view B.


The fabric I used is Robert Kaufman, Double Gauze Chambray in Indigo. I purchased it from my favorite online fabric store Hawthorne Threads. I ordered 2 yards at a cost of $11.70 per yard. This is my first double gauze experience. I have seen many makes with double gauze floating around the online sewing community and had been curious about it for some time. I love the characteristics of this fabric, it’s soft and lightweight while having a similar fashion aesthetic of a regular chambray. However, I don’t think it was the perfect choice for this pattern. I’ll explain below.


Because of the loose weave of the gauze, the fabric sort of stretches over the shoulder and creates a wing effect on the edge of the sleeves. Not a big deal, but something I wasn’t jazzed about the first time I tried it on. Can I live with it? Yes!


The side view is a bit unflatteringly “full.” I don’t know if it’s because there are also pleats in the back or it’s the nature of the fabric. What I do know, however, is that as the day wears on, you get a rear end sag from the double gauze stretching out while sitting. The dress appears freshly washed in the photo.



The neckline is finished with purchased bias tape. The sleeves have a narrow machine hem.


I like how the wrong side of the fabric is the “negative” of the right side.


I did a machine blind hem for the bottom hem. The stitches are hiddened well in the crinkly, double gauze!


1. I made a size 12 and graded out to a size 14 on the bottom half. I did not do this out of concern for my hips. I did this because I added 5″ to the hem. (View B is described as a mini-dress, which I don’t do.) I noticed that the body of the dress narrows slightly towards the bottom and I thought if I continued the inward angle following the size 12 line, it might feel a little narrow at the hem.

2. Hmm…what else can I say. Despite the winged sleeves and saggy rear end, I really love this dress and will continue to reach for it often this summer.

What about you…can you overlook disppointing details when the garment perfectly fills a need in your wardrobe?







17 thoughts on “Happy Coverall Dress

  1. Yes, like you, i find some garments just feel good to wear, despite some small unflattering aspects. I have a loose RTW top (sort of empire style meets the Tilton sisters – the “skirt” of the top has a few floaty layers) that looks “preggers” but I love the Japanese style floral with some black wide binding – it just is so beautiful – to me (never had any compliments wearing it) but I wear it anyway ‘cos I really love it!

  2. And now to your dress – it looks great! It looks comfy and is a nice colour on you and I like the pattern if the weave – it adds interest. Re the sleeves ‘wings’ – that ‘extended shoulder into sleeve’ style often does that – it’s almost a design feature! I don’t think it hurts, because it gives balance& interest to the dress – I think it helps draw the eye to your face! It’s a pity about the ‘bagging’ but I don’t think other people would notice that.
    On me (I’m quite short) I like skirts that ‘narrow towards the hem’. It seems to stop me looking dowdy (which A-line skirts look on me). I like that yours does that. I think it looks good, particularly from the from or back. I think the side view looks ok on you too! It’s a smooth line even though it’s full-ish but not too full. If u didn’t go up in size u might not have had enough walking ease. In the other hand, you could have lengthened it by cutting horizontally at thigh or hip and adding paper there to lengthen – but then not sure if enough walking ease. Overall, I think this dress is is win! I like it on you and bet you get lots of wear from it! I wonder how it would look in a knit? A quilting cotton would possibly ‘puff out’ too much. By the way, I’m a bit like you – I find it hard to sew the same pattern twice. I think I lose interest. But I can see that sewing a pattern numerous times would refine the fit. But then, on the other hand, I’ve found the fit changes in different fabrics and so one still has to make some small adjustments (eg on a skirt – the width was slightly different in a different weight fabric). Hope I haven’t bored you with my extensive comments …

  3. Oh dear, just re-read my comment – I think the narrowing towards the hem looks very GOOD in this dress – definitely NOT dowdy – just in case that wasn’t clear. (Wide at the hem-line looks dowdy on me.)

  4. I’m glad to hear you are recovering and also glad to see you back blogging. I really enjoy reading your blog. I think your dress looks great.

  5. So glad you are recovering. The dress looks comfortable and cool. I actually didn’t notice the “wings” until you pointed them out. The overall effect is a cute comfortable dress.

  6. I like the look of this. I think I’d wear it a lot myself! Thanks for the tip about the sag effect of gauze. I’m working with some gauze myself (in white) and hadn’t anticipated that!

  7. If I ever sewed a perfect garment I’d faint! I actually love this dress that you made. Its a favorite style that I’ve been honing in on …..If you have netfliks theres a show called Cuckoo. The actress who plays the mom has the neatest style, dresses similar to this, lots of chambray and similarly casual fabrics. I’m rehashing my wardrobe because of her and this dress would fit right in. Finding fabric will be the key as Hancock went out of business leaving us with only Walmart:(

    • I’ll have to check out Cuckoo! Have you tried some of the online fabric stores? I know it’s more risky than being able to see and touch the fabric in person, but having Walmart as your only resource sounds pretty grim!

      • I have bought great fabric online but I really do go by touch, partly because I dont know things…like what double gauze feels or drapes like. And I love chambray but some is heavier weight which I need to learn about. I need fabric education complete with samples!

  8. It looks great on you, despite the bits you don’t like! I love the fabric…so nice for summer!
    I have read elsewhere that some women have chosen to go down a size (some with slight adjustments). Do you think the parts you don’t like would be remedied by going down a size?
    I just ordered the pattern and trying to decide if I should do likewise. Cheers!

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