Linnet Dress no.77

I feel like Linnet Dress no. 77 is an awesome secret I’m sharing with you! I stumbled upon this dress on Pinterest and have never seen any posts about it from the online sewing community anywhere on social media. And it’s stylishly adorable!

Before I share the dress, let me digress for a moment. This is my first blog post in over five months. I have been suffering from bloggers block. For those of you that know I had a bout with breast cancer last year, let me assure you I’m doing great. My last several posts featured “reconstruction” clothes. Since my last post in September, I have sewn at least fifteen projects, mostly tops and tunics for the seasons of fall and winter. I’ve had many successes and a few failures. Lots of stuff worth sharing. But I kept finding myself so anxious to start the next project, I didn’t want to take the time to do a blog post on something I just completed. Creating lots of new clothes was part of my renewal and recovery. Additionally, I’ve been asking myself for quite some time why I blog, other than to show off my sewing skills. My “reconstruction” theme gave me a temporary purpose, but I would like to move on now. So I’ve been feeling a little lost and am looking for a way to get back my blogging mojo. I figure if I can get this post out on this fantastic dress that deserves attention, maybe I’ll be revived.



When I found Linnet Dress no. 77 on Pinterest, I was immediately taken by it as well as several other patterns by this Japanese company. The pattern came quickly from Japan via an Etsy site. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but I remember thinking it was pretty reasonable. No more than an indie pattern in the U.S..


This is the cover sheet of the pattern that comes in a clear plastic envelope.

The pattern is printed on a substantial weight paper, and people who are more patient than me would probably trace off their size instead of cutting it up like I did. You need to add your own seam allowances.

The fabric I used is Geishas and Ginkgos Circles Cotton Mystique by Andover Fabrics. I purchased the fabric from Harts Fabric online store for $12.99 per yard. The dress requires about 3 yards. I love this fabric. It’s a two tone chambray printed with the circles.



The instructions showed an invisible zipper. I choose to do a regular one in a contrasting color, just for fun. 


The collar is cut on the bias and folded down.


Half way up the collar back is a button with a thread loop button hole.


Inside sneak peek.


I used a machine blind hem for the sleeves and bottom.


1. The pattern comes in size Small to Extra Large. I cut a size Small and it fit perfect. I don’t remember why I chose a Small. I can’t find a size chart anywhere. It must have been on the thrown-away scraps from the pattern sheet. I usually cut a Medium in Japanese patterns.

2. You do have to add your own seam allowances. I added 5/8″ because that’s what I’m used to.

3. The pattern accommodates different cup sizes by giving a suggested range of 6 cm to 10 cm for the length that the front pleat is stitched closed from the neckline. The length of mine is 9 cm, and I can easily see how a larger bust can be accommodated with a shorter pleat.

4. I made no adjustments in this pattern. It’s one of those patterns that from the first try-on, you know it’s a great pattern with a flattering fit.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! Cheers! Lori








25 thoughts on “Linnet Dress no.77

  1. Well this is just super cute! I’ve been thinking about trying a Japanese pattern for a while now, and I’m pretty sure you just sold me on them! Love the purple too–

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pattern/fabric decisions – very inspiring, and especially your style, glad you are back. Sewing is a great therapy! It’s great to see this Linnet pattern in the “flesh” as I have a couple of their patterns that I have yet to try. Your dress looks really flattering 😀, the spotty purple is lovely.

  3. Welcome back, and glad to hear that you are well! I hope that you post the other fourteen projects from your time away, even if they are just photos. I find your Japanese sewing super inspiring!

  4. Glad to see you’re back. That dress is really cute, I like the pattern lines- just the right amount of flare. I would also like to see your other makes, even just pictures with pattern info would be inspiring.

  5. Glad to hear from you again. I like the round up idea that others have suggested. The #77 seams just your style and came out nicely. Perhaps joining a blog tour or a social sew that gives you a blogging deadline would be a motivator- that is if you want to keep blogging.

  6. Lovely dress! I really like Japanese patterns, and I have worked up a few in the last few months. I like that this one has given some flexibility on bust size, which always a concern of mine.

    As always, your skill is remarkable! I love how the circles match up in the back. Good cutting!

    I am totally with you about wanting to keep on sewing rather than stopping to reflect on what I’ve just finished, but it’s great when you do.

    And, I’m really happy to see you back here!


    • Hi Kathrin! It sounds like you can relate to that anxious feeling of just wanting to start another project, especially when we don’t have all the time in the world to sew.

  7. I agree with previous comments that the dress is super cute and your sewing skills are amazing. I really struggle with choosing the right fabric and it seems to be very easy for you. You make it look so easy! I am learning from you. Once again I’m so happy to have found a woman my age who blogs about sewing. We do have to dress differently when we are on our fifties and it’s taken me some time to figure out the correct Style that is still cute but appropriate for women our age. Looking forward to more posts when you have the time.

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